Github Repos

There are quite a few repositories that develop code that can be relevant for any project that is starting up with H5P

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The OER dev open standard catalog

Explore a curated list of standards that are relevant for development of web based educational resources.

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Install H5P

This resource provides detailed guidelines on how to install H5P on a number of different platforms.

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For audio files on the GDL we use MP3 (ISO 11172-3:1993). High QualitySampling rate = 96 kHzBit depth = 24-bit depth Medium Sampling rate = 48 kHzBit depth = 16-bit depth Low Sampling rate = 44.1 kHzBit depth = 16-bit depth Frequency ranges of different sounds vary, so the requirements for a digital version of […]

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Video compression

Importing video files into the Global Digital Library requires special considerations about the file size of the video resources that will be imported. Below are some general guidelines for importing video files: Use the .mp4 file format Use the H.264 (a.k.a. x264) video codec to ensure video will play in web browsers Use the aac audio codec Use compression Short videos (5-10 […]

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