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H5P author – getting started

H5P provides an ever-growing number of content types. Think of them as templates for creating content. To use a content type you only need access to a web site where H5P has been installed and a modern web browser.

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Universal design

Universal design means to make content accessible for everyone, regardless of their functional ability. It is both a goal and a commitment for Education.dev to develop technology and content that is accessible to all users. Often, just implementing a few changes will help improve the user experience for many people. There is a set of […]

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Translation on the Global Digital Library

For content authors that want to get involved but do not have any platform to run H5P, getting involved as translator on the Global Digital Library can be an easy way to try out content development with H5P.

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For audio files on the GDL we use MP3 (ISO 11172-3:1993). High QualitySampling rate = 96 kHzBit depth = 24-bit depth Medium Sampling rate = 48 kHzBit depth = 16-bit depth Low Sampling rate = 44.1 kHzBit depth = 16-bit depth Frequency ranges of different sounds vary, so the requirements for a digital version of […]

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Video compression

Importing video files into the Global Digital Library requires special considerations about the file size of the video resources that will be imported. Below are some general guidelines for importing video files: Use the .mp4 file format Use the H.264 (a.k.a. x264) video codec to ensure video will play in web browsers Use the aac audio codec Use compression Short videos (5-10 […]

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