About OER Dev


An open approach to educational resource development can help increase collaboration in the edTech community and avoid duplicating work that has already been done. Our focus is help projects and programs to maximize their resources — and ultimately their impact — through open standards, open data, open-source technologies, and open innovation. OER.dev is mainly focused on providing relevant resources for content developers and technical OER developers and will focus less on policy-related issues around OER. 

OER building blocks

A common approach for OER initiatives is that they are mainly focused on sharing completed learning resources and less concerned about the “re-useability” of the underlying objects and OER building blocks is the very foundation of any good OER. As a result, many projects duplicate efforts that have been done by other projects and the overall progress of the OER community is held back. 

The OER.dev project will take a more genuine open-source approach to solve this problem by: 

  • developing and maintain content APIs and repositories for OER building blocks
  • developing HTML 5 compliant content templates based on the H5P framework that will ensure content that is truly platform agnostic  
  • Develop a generic platform-independent OER ontology that can be reused across projects and serve as a foundation for curriculum alignment of open educational resources
  • Take the role as the costodian of accessible OER content by ensuring WCAG 2.1 compliant OER content templates

The goal is to develop a platform with OER building blocks with a very clear implementation focus, making it easier for the non-technical part of the OER community to reuse objects across projects and initiatives. 

The OER.dev platform will be launched in November 2021.

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