GDL Metadata

This page covers details about metadata for both books and games.

Books Metadata in ePub

We prefer that epub files conform to the EPUB3 specification. Each chapter should be separated into an own html-file. This section describes the required and optional elements in the file content.opf


  • dc:title : Title of the book
  • dc:description: Description of the book
  • dc:creator: Name of author
  • dc:language: A BCP47 compliant language tag (RFC5646)
  • dc:identifier: Unique identifier for the book (preferably an UUID)
  • dc:date: The publication date of the document
  • dc:publisher: Name of the publisher of the document
  • dc:rights: The license speficied as an SPDX License identifier (SPDX Licenses)
  • dc:level: Reading level


  • dc:contributor: One or more describing additional contributors to the epub. Should be refined using meta-refines.

Example of the metadata-section of a content.opf

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<package xmlns="http://www.idpf.org/2007/opf" version="3.0" unique-identifier="uuid_id">
   <metadata xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc elements/1.1/">
      <dc:title>Title of the book</dc:title>
      <dc:description>Textual description of the book</dc:description>
      <dc:creator id="creator01">Name of author</dc:creator>
      <meta property="role" refines="#creator01">aut</meta>
      <dc:contributor id="illustrator01">Name of Illustrator</dc:creator>
      <meta property="role" refines="#illustrator01">ill</meta>
      <dc:identifier id="uuid_id">d849806e-8a08-4d52-80be-154372c1f0b4</dc:identifier>
      <meta property="identifier-type" refines="#uuid_id">uuid</meta>
      <meta property="dcterms:modified">2018-08-04T14:18:00Z</meta>
      <dc:publisher>Name of publisher</dc:publisher>

The manifest-section of the epub should contain all resources that make up the epub-file including what is to be used as the cover-image for the book. An example of how to identify the cover image is as follows:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<package xmlns="http://www.idpf.org/2007/opf" version="3.0" unique-identifier="uuid_id">
      <item href="filename.png" id="cover" media-type="image/png" properties="cover-image" />

Metadata as CSV Required

  • ID: Unique ID (same as used in content.opf)
  • Title: Title of book
  • Link to epub: Direct link to the actual file, that can be automatically downloaded
  • Reading Level: 1-4, read-aloud – Based on Pratham Books system for levelling (https://storyweaver.org.in/reading_levels)


  • isBasedOnUrl: A resource that was used in the creation of this resource. This term can be repeated for multiple sources. (schema.org/URL)
  • educationalAlignment: An alignment to an established educational framework (schema.org/AlignmentObject)
  • educationalUse: The purpose of the work in the context of education. Eg.“assignment”, “group work” (schema.org/Text
  • educationalRole: The role that describes the target audience of the content. (schema.org/Text)
  • timeRequired: Approximate or typical time it takes to work with or through this learning resource for the typical intended target audience. E.g “PT30M” (schema.org/Duration ISO8601)
  • typicalAgeRange: The typical range of ages the content’s intended end user. Eg. “7-9”, “18-“ (schema.org/Text)
  • interactivityType: The predominant mode of learning supported by the learning resource. Acceptable values are active, expositive, or mixed. Eg.“active”, “mixed” (schema.org/Text)
  • learningResourceType: The predominant type or kind characterizing the learning resource. Eg. “presentation”, “handout” (schema.org/Text)
  • accessibilityAPI: Indicates that the resource is compatible with the referenced accessibility API. (WebSchemas wiki lists possible values). (schema.org/Text)
  • accessibilityControl: Identifies input methods that are sufficient to fully control the described resource. (WebSchemas wiki lists possible values). (schema.org/Text)
  • accessibilityFeature: Content features of the resource, such as accessible media, alternatives and supported enhancements for accessibility. (WebSchemas wiki lists possible values). (schema.org/Text)
  • accessibilityHazard: A characteristic of the described resource that is physiologically dangerous to some users. Related to WCAG 2.0 guideline 2.3. (WebSchemas wiki lists possible values). (schema.org/Text)


The GDL platform includes a separate category for games in selected languages, including information about the games and how to install/play them.

Metadata as CSV Required

  • ID: Unique ID. Preferably a Google Play Store-identifier or an UUID.
  • Title: Title of the game
  • Description: A description including topic and the learning objectives of the game
  • Language: A BCP47 compliant language tag (RFC5646)
  • URL: URL to where the game can be installed from or where the game can be launched.
  • CoverImage: Direct URL to an image (eg. JPG, PNG) which can serve as a cover image for the game.
  • License: The license speficied as an SPDX License identifier (SPDX Licenses)
  • Publisher: Name of the publisher of the game

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