Literacy Games with early math extension

The GDL team is collaborating with Curious Learning to develop a collection of literacy games to improve the learning experience of emergent readers on the Global Digital Library. The idea is to assess the reading skill of users in real-time to provide the most relevant resources at the right time.

The games are under development with a focus on testing and MVP at an early stage and to build modular and flexible designs that can be deployed with different configurations.

The design as shown in the architecture is based on a decoupled frontend, a set of APIs with backend storage and engine. The Learning Metadata Engine is designed to host metadata and config data that define the game’s behavior and game design.

  • By designing the front end in a separate layer others can build new games on top of the API.
  • Others can also use the assessment API stores anonymized user result data

The API endpoints will allow for extraction of both game design data and results of third party game developers.

The first prototype APIs provide test data for both early grade reading and early math.

Early grade reading:




The game graphics

The game graphics have been developed with focus on a modular design that can be used both for early grade reading assessment and math.

All the resources used in the games are available on a file repo on Github.

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