Video compression

Importing video files into the Global Digital Library requires special considerations about the file size of the video resources that will be imported.

Below are some general guidelines for importing video files:

  • Use the .mp4 file format
  • Use the H.264 (a.k.a. x264) video codec to ensure video will play in web browsers
  • Use the aac audio codec
  • Use compression
    • Short videos (5-10 mins long) should be roughly less than 15MB
    • Longer video lectures (1 hour long) should not be larger than 200MB
    • High-resolution videos should be converted to lower resolution formats: Here are some recommended choices for video vertical resolution:
      • Use max height of 480 for videos that work well in low resolution (most videos)
      • Use max height of 720 for high resolution videos (lectures with writing on board)

Using video compression and low resolutions is important for the context of use. Think of the learners and the device they will be using to view the videos. Consider also the overall size of the channel—how much storage space will be required for the entire collection of videos?

The GDL team follows the guidelines from our partner Kolibri for video compression. For more detailed information on the use of compression tools: https://ricecooker.readthedocs.io/en/latest/video_compression.html

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