Sign language on the GDL!

This is the first public demonstration of the GDL prototype, showing how sign language books and stories will be presented on the GDL platform. The tutorial shows how the original books look before we import them, and then how they’re represented on the GDL platform.

The concept is developed based on the idea that sign language stories have the exact same navigation and reading experience as any other language on the platform.

Under the video, there is a short transcript from the video.

Transcript of the video:

In this tutorial, I’m going to cover some of the new features on the GDL focused on providing sign language as an option on our platform. 

In this case, you will see sign language video as part of the book based on an original story with pictures on each page. These pictures have been replaced with sign language with the picture and the green screen in the background on each page. 

Some of the keywords on the page provides an option of clicking on them and you go onto the glossary where you can have thee word spelt and isolated. 

You can go back to the original page and I can keep reading. 

On the GDL, sign language is will appear in the menu of languages. When you choose a sign language you will have the option of different types of titles. You can click on a book and it would look much like the book page for a book on the current version of the GDL. 

This would be very similar to any other books that you can see if you can get some facts about the book and you can see us on the GDL today.  

When you click “Read” you start reading to in the same way as the original title. 

We are thinking that we want the reading experience for sign language to be more or less the same, in terms of navigation as a book with pictures, and we think that we have been able to emulate the original EPUB files. 

We are looking forward to adding sign language to the GDL platform, and we are looking for even more content with sign language.

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